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The Internet of Things or IoT Powering our Smart Homes and Cities

What is the Internet of Things or IoT?

Technology is moving at a rate never before seen! This is driven somewhat by the internet, the ability to share information has never been simpler. Let’s look at this blog for example, I am not an expert in telecommunications by any means but if you know enough about the subject matter you want to discuss in most cases you can find enough information about the subject you want to write about on the world wide web. This includes the Internet of Things or IoT. Before we get into too much detail lets introduce you to a number of IoT terms:-
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection of physical devices within your home, vehicle or office via internetworking obviously utilising connectivity via the world wide web or internet.
  • Internetworking – is the connection of a computer network with other networks through the use of gateways.
  • IoT Gateway – provides a communication link between your devices and the Cloud and can also offer local processing and storage capabilities to provide offline services and if required real time control over devices in your home or office.
  • Smart Home – a home equipped with door locks, lighting, heating, sensors and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer.
  • Z-Wave – is a world-standard wireless technology that lets all your home electronics talk to each other, and to you, via remote control. Z-Wave is only one protocol there are others but they require devices that are specific to their protocol.

What are it’s Uses?

The expectation is that over time this connectivity will cover all fields including: –
  • Medical – pacemakers can now relay live data back to the doctor about your hearts performance stats
  • Media – data mining from IoT devices is utilised to target articles and advertising
  • Environment – air and water quality monitoring
  • Smart Building or Homes – real time monitoring of energy consumption, temperature for energy efficiency and to monitor resident behavior
  • Transportation – controlling traffic flow from vehicles connected to the network
  • Cities – Songdo, South Korea has been built from scratch on 1500 acres of reclaimed land. Songdo International Business District was designed and created to be a “ubiquitous city”, or a smart city. What is “ubiquitous” is the technology, i.e. computers are built into the buildings and streets. For example, Songdo IBD residents can video-conference with their neighbors, or even attend classes remotely. They can control lighting, heating, air conditioning and more, all with the push of a button on a control panel.Sensors gather information on things like traffic flow and energy use. This kind of information can be converted into alerts that tell citizens when a bus will arrive, or notify the authorities when a crime is taking place. The water pipes are designed to prevent drinkable water from being wasted in showers and toilets.
As you can see the opportunities are endless, in Australia it is predicted that that the IoT market will boom to $4.7 Billion within 4 years. Currently 40% of homes have at least 1 IoT device. At KEYless we decided to stock and install Z-Wave protocol products because we believe it is technology that is well supported and will stand the test of time.

About Z-Wave Technology

Z Wave Logo RGB 1000x420px v3.0 300x126 The Z-Wave protocol is an interoperable, wireless, RF-based communications technology. Designed specifically for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments. Mature, proven and broadly deployed (with over 70 million products sold worldwide). Z-Wave is by far the world market leader in wireless control, bringing affordable, reliable and easy-to-use ‘smart’ products to many millions of people in every aspect of daily life.

Z-Wave Market Facts:

  • Over 1700 interoperable products available, 70 million Z-Wave products worldwide.
  • Extensively used in residential systems throughout numerous business spectrums, including  ADT,, AT&T, DSC, GE/Interlogics, Honeywell, Lowes, Verizon, Vivint, and other prominent service providers worldwide.
  • Found in thousands of hotels, cruise ships, and vacation rentals; including 65,000 devices in the flagship Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Actively supported by over 450 manufacturers and service providers throughout the world.
  • Designed specifically for control, monitoring and status operations; no interference from Wi-Fi or other 2.4GHz wireless technologies in similar band. Z-Waveoperates on a low radio frequency (921.42 in Australia and New Zealand) which means no interference from other wireless devices in your home

What can we do with Z-Wave IoT technology?

The IoT allows you to connect to devices via your gateway. The embedded sensors, actuators and software in your devices allows you to be notified of an event or to change a scene e.g. turn on the lights. Let me set a scene for you, you have been out all day and the temperature has risen dramatically since the morning and you forgot to set the A/C! No problem when you have a smart home you have 2 possibilities;
  • If you have a thermometer connected to your smart home you could set a scene utilising your gateways software that if the temperature rises above 25 degrees activate the a/c and cool the house below 25 degrees
  • Or via the gateways smart phone app simply turn it on with a simple swipe!

Using a Z-Wave Controlled Door Lock

The possibilities are endless, as the technology evolves and more and more devices are created the easier your life will become. Imagine being on holiday to be notified you have a water or gas leak. You could even control your lighting remotely or see who and when someone has entered your home. This is all via your smart phone! Watch this space, moving forward KEYless Entry Systems will be investing more time and resources to unlocking everything Z-Wave has to offer. Rob KEYless Entry Systems

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