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Suppliers of the best keyless door locks in Australia explain why you no longer need keys

Designed to give homeowners more control over the security of their homes, the best keyless door locks in Australia utilise a digital set of keys to grant access. If you invest in quality keyless door locks, there’s no need to carry around a house key.

So how do they work? Just as keyless car remotes operate, home and business keyless entry systems have similar mechanisms. Once installed, keyless door locks allow access via code entry into a keypad, access card scan, smartphone app or fingerprint scan.

As installers of the best fingerprint door locks in Australia, the Keyless Entry Systems team explain that smart door locks are fast becoming a big trend for many residential and commercial properties. Home and business owners alike are coming to realise the higher level of security, function and convenience that smart door locks in Australia can offer.

Add ease to your lifestyle, that of your family, friends and employees, granting anyone you trust with simple access to your home or business. All you need to do is programme individual details, whether a pin code or fingerprint and voila, instant access!  This is especially beneficial for parents of children, providing peace of mind in knowing that children can always access the home quickly and securely.

Security is a high priority for us all. By eliminating the need for a key, you therefore take away the risk of a missing or spare key getting into the wrong hands. Further to this, these locks are designed to be pick-proof, which reduces the risk of unwanted guests entering your home.

Another wonderful way that smart door locks in Australia can save time and improve security is their ability to be linked to your smartphone. Through a simple to use smartphone app, you can even grant access to anyone waiting at your door, unlocking and then locking the door from wherever you are at the click of a button! How’s that for convenient security!

Find out more about the security benefits of the best keyless door locks in Australia and secure your home today with Keyless Entry Systems.

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