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Suppliers of digital door locks in Australia explain why 2019 is the year to throw away your keys

As this year comes to an end, our suppliers of digital door locks in Australia say that it’s the perfect time to start thinking about upgrading your home security into the new year, so you can throw away your keys forever!

Biometric fingerprint door locks are technologically advanced locks which can be installed across all entry points to your home, replacing traditional locks completely. This distinctive method of security offers many advantages to you as a homeowner.

Here Keyless Entry Systems outline just some of the benefits of installing our biometric fingerprint door locks in 2019:

1. Throw away those keys: Once installed, your digital door locks will ensure you never need to need to search for those pesky keys again. All you need is your fingerprint!

2. Control who has access to your home: The best fingerprint door locks in Australia can be programmed for multiple users. This means that you can program your digital door locks to recognise the fingerprints of trusted family and friends.

3. No need to manually lock your doors: Biometric fingerprint door locks lock automatically when closed. No longer will you need to worry if you left your door unlocked. Also, digital door locks require a fingerprint scan to re-opened.

4. Easy to operate: Not only is the fingerprint programming of biometric door locks in Australia a straight forward process, you will be able to enter the home quickly and without dropping those bags of groceries, simply by scanning your fingerprint.

5. Easy installation and integration:Fingerprint door lock systems can be easily integrated and quickly installed into almost any type of door.

As our experts in digital doors locks in Australia explain, these are just some of the many benefits of installing digital door locks.

Free yourself from keys in 2019, and get in touch with our experts in digital door locks Australia!

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