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S8 Lever Handle Digital Smart Lock

  • S8 Front KP Lit 2.0 100x100
  • S8 Front KP Lit 2.0 100x100
  • S8 BL Front 45 2 100x100
  • S8 BL Rear 100x100
  • S8 BL Front 100x100
  • S8 Rr  100x100
  • S8 Rr 45 1 100x100
  • S8 RR 45 2 100x100
  • S8 BL Rear 45 2 100x100
  • S8 BL FR KP Lit 100x100
  • S8 BL Rear 45 100x100
  • S8 BL Front 45 100x100

S8 Lever Handle Digital Smart Lock

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Key Features

$532.00 incl. GST

In Stock

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Handle Direction *
Looking from the outside what side of the door are your hinges on?

Estimated delivery: 04-03-2021

Enquire about this product

  • Key

  • Fingerprint

  • Keypad

  • Swipe Card

  • Batteries included

  • Installation Services Available
  • Batteries Included
  • Phone Based Technical Support
  • Suitable for aluminium and double doors
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Suitable for Double Door (Rebate Kit Req'd)
  • Extended Strike Kit Available

Product Overview

S8 Digital Door Lock
Batteries Included
Unlocking Methods
Pin Codes
Swipe Card
Mechanical key
Fingerprint Capacity
Fingerprint Sensor
Swedish Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
RF Card Capacity
RF Frequency
Mifare 13.56 MHz
PIN Code
6 to 12 digits 1 Master code 10 user pin codes
Sensitive Touch pad screen
Just one step to open
Automatic locking
The handle disengages from the lock body within five seconds. To activate the deadbolt you lift the handle up.
Auto polling
Fingerprint Sensor
Sweden FPC
Fake PIN code feature
Double authentication
Defense mode
Alarm sounds if someone exits from the inside
In home security
Internal Deadlock to stop external access
Safe handle
Power bank back-up
Low battery warning signal


Kaadas Australia S8 Lever Handle Digital Smart Lock

The next generation in Digital Door and Lever handle locks has arrived! The younger sister to the 5155 is the S8 Lever Handle Digital Smart Lock.  Convenience at your fingertips! By embedding the fingerprint scanner into the handle, entry to your home just got a whole lot easier.

Available in black or silver

What Entry Methods and How Many?

The capacity of the S8 Digital Door Lock includes:-

Why the S8 Digital Smart Lock?

Why not is our reply. With fingerprint, swipe card, keypad and back up key entry methods as standard the S8 Lever Handle Digital Smart Lock is convenience personified. Add to this the stainless steel deadlocks keeping you safe and secure. With a durable universal opening handle that includes a biometric fingerprint scanner this KEYless entry system is perfect for homes and offices that seek quick, easy and secure entry solutions.

S8 Lever Handle Digital Smart Lock – Enhanced Safety

Passage Mode

Keep the door unlocked when the kids have friends over running in and out.

Sweden FPC Fingerprint Sensor

Provides accurate and swift recognition with speed of less than 1 second.

Fake PIN code feature

Enter random numbers before and after the real user pass code to prevent the user password from being exposed, providing greater security, peace of mind and protection.

Auto Polling

RF card is instantly authenticated for access without the need to press the wake-up button

Double authentication

This optional mode strengthens security. Password plus fingerprint /card must be authenticated to open the door

S8 in Defense mode

When leaving, the user can set up the anti-theft mode by simply pressing [0] button, any entry from the outside will activate an alarm.

Low battery Warning

You will be voice prompted during door access alerting you to replace batteries

In home security (Double-locking)

When you are at home, double-locking disables access attempts from the outside. You can enable it from inside by a thumb-turn knob

Safe Handle

Once safe handle is enabled, the internal handle will be locked. When in safe handle mode the door can’t be opened from the inside. Activation is by sliding the “Close” toggle on the inside of the lock.

S8 Digital Door Lock – Additional Features

– Emergency power back-up via USB power bank. When the batteries are flat, use a 5V power bank to power the lock.

– Low battery warning signal

– Voice alerts LED light during door access will alert you to replace batteries

– The lock has an interface with Bluetooth

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 46 × 13 × 26 cm


Technical Specs

Unlocking MethodsFingerprint
Pin Codes
Mechanical key
Fingerprint Capacity100
Fingerprint SensorFPC
RF Card Capacity100
RF Frequency13.56 Mhz
Code Length6 to 12 digits
PIN Code Capacity1 Master code
 10 User Code
Keypad materialTempered Glass
LCD DisplayNone
Sliding EnclosureNone
Voice GuidedEnglish/Spanish/Portuguese/French
IP RatingIP43
Lock Dimensions(External)Front:Height:341mm
Thickness:74mm(including handle)
Thickness:81mm(including handle)
Suitable ApplicationsHome
Suitable Fitting MaterialsWooden & Steel & Aluminum
Lock MaterialAluminium/Zinc/Tempered glass
ColoursSilver / Black
Operating ConditionsTemperature Range: -20 to 55 Celsius
Door Thickness30mm – 60mm
Mortise Options524
Mortise DimensionsThickness:14mm
Width:85mm (Mortise plate not included)
Mortise plate: Length:235mm
Recognition Time<0.5s
False Acceptance Rate(FAR)<0.0001%
False Recognition Rate(FRR)0.10%
Scramble Code FunctionCorrect Code(Total Digitals is up to 32 numbers)
Power supply8 x AA alkaline batteries
Back Up Power Source5v USB Power port
Wrong Code EntryAfter 10 validation errors,this kind of verification mode will be deactivate for 5 minutes, but the lock can be opened via other methods
Passage ModeYes (Manual Mode)
Auto Lock OptionsYes
Opening DirectionUniversal

What's in the Box

The S8 comes complete with the following:-

  • Front and rear of the lock
  • Mortise/Deadbolt
  • 2 x physical keys
  • 2 x RFID Swipe cards
  • 8 x AA Batteries
  • 38-60mm Door thickness screw kit(larger door thickness available)
  • Strike plate

About Z-Wave

KEYless Entry Systems simplifying Z-WAVE Home Automation.

Z-WAVE is the leading smart home technology that is inside everyday products like lights, locks, thermostats and much more. These products work together to create the backbone of your Z-Wave Home Automation smart home and enable you to use your phone or tablet to create one-touch scenes that help with daily activities like: saving energy, keeping your home secure, looking after your loved ones and being more comfortable. The beauty of Z-Wave is that there are more brands, more styles and more products to choose from. You can truly create your smart home, your way.


About Z-Wave Technology

The Z-Wave protocol is an interoperable, wireless,  Radio Frequency(RF) based communications technology designed specifically for controlling and monitoring that enables you to get status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments. A well-established, proven and broadly deployed (with over 100 million products sold worldwide), Z-Wave is by the world market leader in wireless control in your home, bringing affordable, reliable and easy-to-use ‘smart’ products to many millions of people in every aspect of daily life.


For a more complete look at Z-Wave technology for non technologists, and to learn more about Z-Wave’s role as a key enabling technology for the Internet of Things and connected objects, please visit

Z-Wave Market Facts:
  • Over 2400 interoperable products available, 100 million Z-Wave products worldwide.
  • Extensively used in residential systems throughout numerous business spectrums, including  ADT,, AT&T, DSC, GE/Interlogics, Honeywell, Lowes, Verizon, Vivint, and other prominent service providers worldwide.
  • Found in thousands of hotels, cruise ships, and vacation rentals; including 65,000 devices in the flagship Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Actively supported by over 700 manufacturers and service providers throughout the world.
  • Designed specifically for control, monitoring and status operations; no interference from Wi-Fi or other 2.4GHz wireless technologies in similar band.
Z-Wave Technical Details:
  • Low Powered RF communications technology that supports full mesh networks without the need for a coordinator node
  • Operates in the sub-1GHz band; impervious to interference from Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies in the 2.4-GHz range (Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.)
  • Designed specifically for control and status apps, supports data rates of up to 100kbps, with AES128 encryption, IPV6, and multi-channel operation
  • Full interoperability through layer 6 with backwards compatibility to all versions.
  • For more in-depth technical materials on Z-Wave, please visit our Developer Section, or consider membership in the Z-Wave Alliance.

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  1. Matt

    This is a great lock. Fingerprint and pin code entry works without issues (haven’t really used the key cards) and we have it integrated into our z-wave home system, able to lock/unlock and set/cancel/schedule pin codes remotely. High-quality build, triple-bolt deadlock with very easy programming and operation. Only slight drawback is that setting it on ‘mute’ mode to disable the voice feedback (“verification successful, welcome home”) also mutes the keypad sounds, which makes pin code entry a little harder for first-time users, but this is pretty minor. Looks great in matte silver, and you can’t even tell there’s a keypad until it lights up when you touch.

    Rob at Keyless Entry was a great help, providing documentation to help determine whether this was the right product, prompt shipping once in stock, and even a recommendation for a local installer who did a great job.

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