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KL100 Bluetooth Door Lock

KEYless Entry Systems are proud to introduce the latest KEYless entry door lock to our range the Bluetooth enabled KL100. Simple to install and also even simpler to use the KL100 Bluetooth Door Lock is a product that typifies our mantra #makelifesimplerthinkkeyless.

Some of the functionality includes either:

  • Bluetooth technology
  • Keypad entry
  • Guess pin access
  • Key (RFID) tag entry
  • Physical key
  • Audit trail
  • 12 month warranty

With the KL100 Bluetooth KEYless entry door lock you can use a specially designed app for your smartphone to access your home and throw away the keys!

The door lock is controlled by your smart phone mobile App. consequently making access easy.

You can provide a remote access key. This can be issued to a visitor through the administrator of the smart phone app. You control and limit access rights. Visitors can install the Mobile Client App. to receive encrypted access code

You can download the relevant App from:

The App Store:

or Google Play:

When creating your pin code for keypad entry you can use a minimum of 4 or as much as 16 digit pin codes giving you the ability to make the code as difficult as you like to secure your home.

You can also provide guest access via a pin code which will be deleted after it has been used once. A fantastic option if you have someone who needs access temporarily giving you a set and forget option as a result there is no need to remember to delete the pin code after access has been gained.

For those of us who have trouble remembering the myriad of pin numbers we need to remember the KL100 Bluetooth KEYless entry door lock has the swap card option as well. Simply swipe the card across the keypad for entry.

Check out the wealth of functionality and how easy it is to use in this brief video: –



A 24/7 activity log in the Keyless key App tracks who enters your home and when. KL100 Bluetooth door lock

Control who has access and when Choose to grant access for a period, or specific dates and times. You’re in control





Finally for those of us who can’t live without keys these locks also have a mechanical key control for emergency override

KL100 Bluetooth door lock









KL100 Bluetooth door lock

KL100 Bluetooth door lock 3 aspects view

Simple Installation

Easy DIY Installation with no additional hole in the door. Just replace your current deadbolt with just a screwdriver Easy to set up and program using the Keyless key apps. Powered by standard AA batteries








To demonstrate how easy it is to install the KL100 Bluetooth lock, we have put together this video for your viewing pleasure.

Are you replacing an existing deadlock? Ideally 54 mm diameter hole is required and door thickness has 2 ranges up to 35mm and  40 to 44mm. If the door thickness falls between 35 mm and 40 mm use the washers provided in the installation kit. For a door thickness greater than 44mm let us know and we can organise a service kit for a door thickness up to 57 mm thick.

The KL100 Bluetooth door lock is for right and left opening doors. To switch between right and left opening doors simply change a setting on the back of the lock. As a result there is no need for us to find out how your door opens.

Why Use a Bluetooth Door Lock?

Are you pining for a key free existence then the KL100 Bluetooth KEYless entry door lock is the lock to you! Don’t be fooled into thinking that this compact KEYless entry door lock only provides one form of access. The KL100 provides you with numerous access options such as

  • Bluetooth – controlled by an app
  • RFID – Simply swipe to gain access
  • Pin code
  • Physical key
  • Audit trail

 For information see my blog post on Bluetooth Door Locks.

Why Choose KEYless Entry Systems

We are a small family owned business that thrives in knowing that every product we offer has been tested in our own homes before we offer them the sale to you. At KEYless entry system we guarantee that our products will #makelifeeasierthinkkeyless.

Finally if you have a question regarding this product or any other product on our website please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone 1300 873 539 or our contact page.

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