Mortise 3585

Mortise Backset – 51mm

Mortise 4585

Mortise Backset – 61mm

KES180 KEYless Sliding Door Fingerprint Lock

KES180 KEYless Sliding Door Fingerprint Lock | Waterproof Fingerprint Lock – Finally a Fingerprint Door Lock that has a sliding door option! Check out our latest product the KES180 KEYless Sliding Door Biometric Fingerprint Lock. Made for our tough environment this lock is made from stainless steel and this lock is waterproof and is IP 65 rated. Perfect for external gates, sliding doors, commercial doors. Because of the mortise backset options of 51 & 61mm this lock can fit aluminium framed doors with glass inserts.

Entry options include:

Check out the technical specifications tab for more details regarding capacity, dimensions and general information regarding the KES180 KEYless Sliding Door Fingerprint Lock.

Some of the features include:

  • Stainless Steel – IP65 Rated
  • Automatic locking
  • Tempered glass touchpad for long lasting durability& safety
  • 4 Mortise options – 51 & 61MM Backset wither standard push pull or sliding door option
  • Scramble code to protect your PIN
  • Free Shipping

Go KEYless!

As with all our locks the KES180 KEYless Sliding Door Fingerprint Lock, you always have multiple access options – Biometric Fingerprint, keypad and for added peace of mind a mechanical key.


KES180 KEYless Sliding Door Biometric Fingerprint Lock is constructed from durable stainless steel and with an IP 65 rating and tempered glass touch pad ensures this lock is designed this lock is designed for harsh environments. This lock has been tested for over 10,000 opening and closing cycles and you can expect 10 years of reliable service, so it’s here for the long haul!

Fingerprint Lock at your Service

At KEYless Entry Systems it’s all about convenience and with the KES180 we now have a product standalone product that can work with commercial offices, sliding doors, gates and even for the home. Who hasn’t gone out or arrived at work and forgot their keys or worse lost them.

KES180 Sliding Door Biometric Fingerprint Lock

If you have any queries relating to the KES180 KEYless Sliding Door Fingerprint Lock or any of our products feel free to contact us on 1300 873 539.

Model KES180
Unlocking Methods Fingerprint
Pin Codes
Mechanical key
Fingerprint Capacity 150
Fingerprint Sensor Swedish Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
RF Card Capacity Optional
Code Length 6 to 10 digits
PIN Code Capacity 1 Master code
99 user pin codes
Keypad material 5A Level Tempered Glass
LCD Display N
Sliding Enclosure N
Voice Guided Yes – English & Chinese
Lock Dimensions(External) Height:300mm
Suitable Applications Home
Suitable Fitting Materials Wooden & Steel & Aluminum & Plastic Doors
Lock Material Stainless Steel
Colours Silver & Gold
Operating Conditions Temperature Range: -30 to 60 Celsius
Door Thickness 35~120mm
Mortise Options Double or With Hook
Mortise Dimensions 3585 Mortise
51mm depth 238mm long Width 22mm
4585 Mortise
61mm depth 238mm long Width 22mm
Recognition Time <0.5s
False Acceptance Rate(FAR) <0.0001%
False Recognition Rate(FRR) 0.01%
Scramble Code Function XXX Correct Code(Total Digitals Less 20 numbers)
Power supply 4 x AAA batteries
Battery Life 5,000 Opening/Closing Cycles
IP Rating IP65
Back Up Power Source USB Power port
Wrong Code Entry 6 Attempts will deactivate the keypad for 5 minutes
Passage Mode Yes
Auto Lock Options 3 seconds
Opening Direction Universal
Backset 35mm / 45mm
Centre Distance 85mm

Why Use Fingerprint Locks?

Investment properties

No need to replace the keys when the tenant moves out of simply install the locks back to factory defaults and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.

Share houses

No longer need to worry about the person who has moved out and whether they have a spare key. Either delete the user number or restore the lock back to factory default and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.


We have a number of options available: –

  • Keycode or Bluetooth – Simply program the date and time the user will be arriving and departing. When they arrive they will have access to enter the premises and post the departure date they won’t be up to re-enter.
  • Z-Wave locks enable you to program a rival and departure dates via your phone or web browser. Out of the edge Gateway communicates with both the K7 and the LS – 8015


Fingerprints are unique. Eliminate the possibility of people sharing their fobs, swipe cards or pin codes. Our range of commercial locks with addition of a network controller and you can expand the capabilities!

Offices and Sensitive Areas

Banks, finance companies, and other secure offices. Fingerprints are unique can’t be lost and with the backup of pin code and swipe cards you have other options available just in case a user’s fingerprint doesn’t work.

Unfortunately not all fingerprints can be read that is why our products have multiple entry options 🙂

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