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Biometric / Fingerprint – KES880S Digital Door Lock Systems

The KES880S Digital Door Lock Systems are built for peace of mind. Why? Because the KES880S digital door lock systems have added features that live by our mantra #makelifeeasierthinkkeyless. Most digital door lock systems have a single mortise and limited entry options. The KES880S Digital Door Lock Systems is the opposite, four entry options are available and our mortise contains triple deadbolts and in addition an internal deadbolt. As a result you more than triple your level of security from your standard generic biometric / fingerprint lock. Consequently other locks are easier to fit but you almost always compromise on security and convenience!

Check out the video on how simple and convenient it is to use our KES880S Digital Door Lock Systems


The KES880S Digital Door Lock Systems is four locks in one, giving you more options than a standard key lock and peace of mind access is only a touch away!

Don’t Compromise on your Digital Door Lock Systems Check Out These Features:-

  • Price includes shipping.
  • Voice prompting for simplicity.
  • RFID card for an additional access option.
  • Entry log – who has been in and what time.
  • Battery powered with a low battery alarm to ensure you don’t get caught without power.
  • Battery Life – 6-12 months includes sleep mode to conserve power.
  • Emergency power interface – Ability to power the lock externally if the batteries do run out!.
  • Triple security bolts.
  • Set access times for tradesman or family
  • Locking triggers for metal door frames only – Extra strength points that makes it harder for thieves to lever the mortise out of position..
  • Keypad function for an additional access option.
  • Biometric Fingerprint capacity – 200.
  • Combination unlocking option – require both pin code & fingerprint to enter.
  • Internal deadbolt de-activates ALL EXTERNAL ENTRY OPTIONS.
  • Transaction event capacity – 100 events.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Don’t forget our 30 day money back guarantee click here for details.

Check out the below video to see the triple deadbolt in action.

Strong Construction

Stainless steel mortise construction in addition to the 4 dead bolt latches. Therefore to complement the sturdy construction we recommend a locksmith install these locks.


Because of their versatility these locks are suitable for the following applications:-

  • Front doors
  • Internal doors such as home offices
  • Storerooms
  • Wine cellars
  • Guesthouses
  • Rental properties
  • Garages

Also ideal for commercial applications

  • Offices
  • Lunchrooms
  • IT and computer rooms

Applicable Door Size

  • 40-150mm (Thickness)

Lock Size

These Digital Door Lock Systems are secure. The external dimensions are:-

370 x 78 x 40 mm

Please note: These locks can impact the operation of a fly screen door. You need to ensure you have a least 85mm clearance between the door and flyscreen. 


Finally for piece of mind we offer a 2 year warranty on the KES880S Digital Door Lock Systems.

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Why Use Fingerprint Locks?

Investment properties

No need to replace the keys when the tenant moves out of simply install the locks back to factory defaults and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.

Share houses

No longer need to worry about the person who has moved out and whether they have a spare key. Either delete the user number or restore the lock back to factory default and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.


We have a number of options available: –

  • Keycode or Bluetooth – Simply program the date and time the user will be arriving and departing. When they arrive they will have access to enter the premises and post the departure date they won’t be up to re-enter.
  • Z-Wave locks enable you to program a rival and departure dates via your phone or web browser. Out of the edge Gateway communicates with both the K7 and the LS – 8015


Fingerprints are unique. Eliminate the possibility of people sharing their fobs, swipe cards or pin codes. Our range of commercial locks with addition of a network controller and you can expand the capabilities!

Offices and Sensitive Areas

Banks, finance companies, and other secure offices. Fingerprints are unique can’t be lost and with the backup of pin code and swipe cards you have other options available just in case a user’s fingerprint doesn’t work.

Unfortunately not all fingerprints can be read that is why our products have multiple entry options 🙂

  • What is the minimum clearance required between my door and the flyscreen?

Each lock is different please check the specifications for each lock.

  • What stops anyone using their fingerprints to access my home?

Each lock is delivered with a changeable master code; this code is required to add new fingerprints.

  • Who can’t use these locks?

No one, the biometric readers are designed for all ages.

  • How easy are these locks to install?

Single mortise locks should fit into the existing space of your current lock, however please check the specifications provided. For our more heavy duty locks a locksmith is recommended.

  • How long will the lock last on a single set of batteries?

Every lock is different and designed to go into sleep mode when not in use to maximise battery life. However you should expect 6-12 months of battery life.

  • How do I know when to replace the batteries?

Every lock has a low voltage/battery alarm and for extra safety all our locks come with the added peace of mind of an external 9v battery power socket.

  • What happens when I replace the batteries?

Nothing, everything is stored in the doors internal memory.

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