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Kaadas Bluetooth Door Lock Module

Kaadas Bluetooth Door Lock Module

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Why add a Kaadas Bluetooth Door Lock Module?

Have you ever wanted to:-

  • Unlock your front door from the couch?
  • Provide emergency access?
  • Multiple Entry Options
    • One-Time entry access
    • Custom date entry
    • Permanent entry

By downloading the app on the visitors phone and creating an account you can generate an eKey or virtual key to enable them to open the door using their smart phone.

History of Bluetooth

Interestingly the name Bluetooth comes from a Danish 10th century King Harald Bluetooth. Who according to history united dissonant Danish tribes into a single nation, the link being that Bluetooth unites communication protocols into one universal standard.

As noted before Bluetooth is a wireless technology and was invented by Ericsson Mobile in Lund, Sweden by Johann Ullman. The original purpose was to develop wireless headsets, ironically as I sit here writing this I am listening to my favourite music via a Bluetooth headset!

What is Bluetooth and how can Smart locks secure your home

The master Bluetooth device can communicate with a maximum of 7 devices (slaves) in a network using Bluetooth technology.

Smart locks are driven by an electromechanical lock which locks and unlocks a door when an instruction is received from an authorised device. The device in this case is a smart phone acting as the master, using a wireless Bluetooth protocol sends a message to the Smart lock (slave). Smart locks act the same way as a traditional lock, both need a lock and key in the case of a Smart lock the key is not a physical key but your smart phone which via wireless authentication will automatically activate the unlocking mechanism.

Obviously sum of the advantages include;

  • ability to receive notification when someone accesses the lock
  • audit trail of who has access the lock and what date and time
  • option of short-term/one-off access e.g. family member who turns up unexpected

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 3 cm


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