K8 Push Pull Fingerprint KEYless Entry Door Lock

The latest generation of push pull fingerprint KEYless entry door lock!

Introducing the stunningly designed K8 Push Pull Fingerprint KEYless Entry Door Locks. Designed by the Chief Engineer of BMW George Allmendinger. The unique placement of the fingerprint scanner and keypad makes the K8 Push Pull Fingerprint KEYless Entry Door Lock light years ahead of its competitors. In two elegant colours black and silver we are confident you’re going to love the K8 Push Pull KEYless door locks for home.

Entry options include:
o Biometric Fingerprint entry
o Keypad Entry
o Bluetooth
o Mechanical key

Core Advantages:
o Silent operation for late night entry
o Push to enter and pull to exit
o Automatic locking
o Tempered glass touchpad for long lasting durability & safety
o Stainless steel mortise
o Smart close option
o Privacy mode – entry from the outside only possible with the key
o Double emergency power
o Low battery alarm
o Passageway mode – turn off the auto lock mode
o Safe handle mode – door can only be opened from the outside
o Safe mode – double verification required e.g. keycode and fingerprint

It wouldn’t be a KEYless Entry Systems lock without multiple entry options:-

1. Biometric Fingerprint – semi conductor fingerprint scanner
2. Keypad – Digital touch with a fake pin code option
3. RFID card – Milfare 1
4. Bluetooth – Kaadas iOs and Android apps
5. Of course a mechanical key
If you work nightshift and don’t want to disturb the family when you get home you have the option of temporary silent operation. The K8 Push Pull Fingerprint KEYless Entry Door Lock has an in-line handle that enables you to open the door after unlocking by simply pushing the handle inwards and when you exit simply pull it shut. The tempered glass touchpad ensures the keypad doesn’t break easily and keeps your lock looking fantastic.

Fingerprint KEYless Entry Door Lock Elegant Access has Arrived!

You will fall in love with the K8 Push Pull Fingerprint KEYless Entry Door Lock! It’s not just about the usual access options, it’s the way they have been delivered in the K8 Push Pull KEYless door lock to #makelifeeasierthinkkeyless. The fingerprint scanner and the keypad have been embedded into the handle which makes these locks the most unique Push Pull KEYless door locks on the market.
We don’t sacrifice security, we complement it, Why?
• 2 mortise options (Multiple and single deadbolt)
• Ability to add a fake pin code to the front or the back of your actual pin code enables you to keep your actual code safe if you have someone standing with you.
• Safe handles switch prevents any external access when activated
• Smart close button to lock your home upon exit

Push Pull Fingerprint KEYless Entry Door Lock is Convenience

At KEYless Entry Systems it’s all about convenience and with the K8 it takes us a step closer to hands-free entry into your home. Who hasn’t gone out and forgot their keys or worse lost them and you find yourself breaking into your home to get in or calling a locksmith? These scenarios are a thing of the past with the K8 Push Pull Biometric Fingerprint Lock! If you are after keyless door locks for your home that can boast about being convenient, have an elegant design, are safe & secure and offer various entry options then you simply must have one of our K8 keyless door locks for your home.
For product improvement, all design and specifications are subject to change without notice

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K8 Push Pull Bluetooth/Fingerprint Door Lock


Lock Body – Zinc Alloy
Mortise – Stainless Steel
Lock Dimensions Height:394mm
Unlocking Options Fingerprint


RF Card

Fingerprint Capacity 100
RF Card Capacity 100
PIN Code 6 to 12 digits
1 Master code

10 user pin codes
LED Display No
LED Display No
Applicative Door Wooden Doors
Metal Doors
Fingerprint Sensor Semi Conductor
Colours Silver
Type of Card RFID




Operating Conditions Temperature Range: -20 to 55 Celsius
Applicative Door Thickness 38-60mm,60-90mm,90-120mm
Fingerprint Recognition Time <0.5s
False Acceptance Rate(FAR) <0.0001%
False Recognition Rate(FRR) 0.01%
Power supply 6V 4 x AA batteries
Battery Life 12 Months
Backset 70mm
Back Up Power Source Micro USB Power port
Opening Direction Universal
Wrong Code Entry 10 Attempts will deactivate the keypad for 5 minutes
Auto Lock Options Off or 1.5 seconds

Why Use Fingerprint Locks?

Investment properties

No need to replace the keys when the tenant moves out of simply install the locks back to factory defaults and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.

Share houses

No longer need to worry about the person who has moved out and whether they have a spare key. Either delete the user number or restore the lock back to factory default and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.


We have a number of options available: –

  • Keycode or Bluetooth – Simply program the date and time the user will be arriving and departing. When they arrive they will have access to enter the premises and post the departure date they won’t be up to re-enter.
  • Z-Wave locks enable you to program a rival and departure dates via your phone or web browser. Out of the edge Gateway communicates with both the K7 and the LS – 8015


Fingerprints are unique. Eliminate the possibility of people sharing their fobs, swipe cards or pin codes. Our range of commercial locks with addition of a network controller and you can expand the capabilities!

Offices and Sensitive Areas

Banks, finance companies, and other secure offices. Fingerprints are unique can’t be lost and with the backup of pin code and swipe cards you have other options available just in case a user’s fingerprint doesn’t work.

Unfortunately not all fingerprints can be read that is why our products have multiple entry options 🙂

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