F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System
F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System_biometric_fingerprint_keylessF8 Fingerprint Door Lock System_biometric_fingerprint_keyless


F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System

Introducing the F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System.  The F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System can be used as a stand-alone controller*, or where combining with one of our control boards can be connected to your network and controlled centrally.

How many times have you forget your swipe card to get into the building. When you’re an early starter this can be extremely frustrating and when there is no one else to let you into the building, valuable time is wasted!

As a stand-alone system, the F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System has the following functions:

  • 1800 fingerprint capacity
  • 1800 RFID card capacity (ask us about our 3000 or 5000 capacity)
  • Pin code access
  • Transaction log of 60 records
  • TFT LCD screen


With this capacity, the F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System is perfect for your small to large commercial premises. We have fitted this locking system to many types of small businesses including dental surgeries, financial services companies and gyms.  The F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System is the ultimate in convenience for those companies looking for an alternative to the simple swipe card. With the added functionality of swipe card and keypad the F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System will never leave you stranded on the outside looking in 🙂

The F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System is Your Partner for the Long Haul

The F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System has the capacity to control 1-4 doors. By connecting to the ACB – 00 series control board you can expand the capabilities of your system. The ACB – 00 series board allows you to control users via software loaded onto your computer and also via an app on your phone! So now you can open the door remotely if needed via an iOS or android app.

Combined with the ACB – 00 board the capabilities of The F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System are expanded to: –

  • Control from 1 to 4 doors
  • Allow access via your smartphone
  • Control users centrally via free software
    • Add/Edit/Delete users
    • Manage access times
    • Change passwords
    • Access the user log


Why Use the F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System

Are you still using keys to access your building? We have clients who have single entry access and as small as 2 room offices that were looking for the convenience of fingerprint, temporary codes and restricted access times these are the benefits of using the integrated F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System. So not only can you go Keyless with your home you now have the luxury and convenience of KEYless in the office to.

Need a Complete Solution?

The F8 Fingerprint Door Lock System is only one piece in the puzzle. We offer complete kits which include the following: –

  • Electronic deadbolt/magnetic Lock/electronic strike
  • Control board with case
  • Backup battery
  • Exit button
  • Passive/non-passive switch which deactivates the locking mechanism if you wish to keep the door open

Ability to Grow With Your Business

Whilst this system can control a single door without the need of additional hardware it has the ability to grow with you. Need more information please don’t hesitate to call us now or contact us for a quote to supply and install.


*The controller still requires a power source unit.


F8 Fingerprint Access Controller

Fingerprint capacity 1800
ID card capacity 1800 – can be expanded to 3000 or 5000 when connected to the ACB-00 Access Control board series
Transaction log capacity 60
Sensor Crypton Optical Sensor
Algorithm version Crypton Finger v10.0
Communication · U disk – UDISK is a hard drive in USB form. With magnetic hard drive platters spinning inside an enclosure

· TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

· USB-host – communicates to other devices e.g. electric deadbolt

Access control interface for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, Door Bell
Wiegand signal Wiegand Output is used to connect the controller to the rest of the access control system. In this case the to the ACB-00 Access Control board series
Display Thin Film Transistor (TFT) is a type of flat panel LCD screen
Supports voice YES
1.3 Operating system supported by software Windows XP SP3
Windows 7
Windows Server 2003 SP2
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2

Why Use Fingerprint Locks?

Investment properties

No need to replace the keys when the tenant moves out of simply install the locks back to factory defaults and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.

Share houses

No longer need to worry about the person who has moved out and whether they have a spare key. Either delete the user number or restore the lock back to factory default and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.


We have a number of options available: –

  • Keycode or Bluetooth – Simply program the date and time the user will be arriving and departing. When they arrive they will have access to enter the premises and post the departure date they won’t be up to re-enter.
  • Z-Wave locks enable you to program a rival and departure dates via your phone or web browser. Out of the edge Gateway communicates with both the K7 and the LS – 8015


Fingerprints are unique. Eliminate the possibility of people sharing their fobs, swipe cards or pin codes. Our range of commercial locks with addition of a network controller and you can expand the capabilities!

Offices and Sensitive Areas

Banks, finance companies, and other secure offices. Fingerprints are unique can’t be lost and with the backup of pin code and swipe cards you have other options available just in case a user’s fingerprint doesn’t work.

Unfortunately not all fingerprints can be read that is why our products have multiple entry options 🙂

  • What is the minimum clearance required between my door and the flyscreen?

Each lock is different please check the specifications for each lock.

  • What stops anyone using their fingerprints to access my home?

Each lock is delivered with a changeable master code; this code is required to add new fingerprints.

  • Who can’t use these locks?

No one, the biometric readers are designed for all ages.

  • How easy are these locks to install?

Single mortise locks should fit into the existing space of your current lock, however please check the specifications provided. For our more heavy duty locks a locksmith is recommended.

  • How long will the lock last on a single set of batteries?

Every lock is different and designed to go into sleep mode when not in use to maximise battery life. However you should expect 6-12 months of battery life.

  • How do I know when to replace the batteries?

Every lock has a low voltage/battery alarm and for extra safety all our locks come with the added peace of mind of an external 9v battery power socket.

  • What happens when I replace the batteries?

Nothing, everything is stored in the doors internal memory.

  • What is TCP/IP

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) AND  Internet Protocol (IP) is responsible for addressing hosts, encapsulating data into datagrams (including fragmentation and reassembly) and routing datagrams from a source host to a destination host across one or more IP networks. For these purposes, the Internet Protocol defines the format of packets and provides an addressing system.

Each datagram has two components: a header and a payload. The IP header includes source IP address, destination IP address, and other metadata needed to route and deliver the datagram. The payload is the data that is transported. This method of nesting the data payload in a packet with a header is called encapsulation.

IP addressing entails the assignment of IP addresses and associated parameters to host interfaces. The address space is divided into subnetworks, involving the designation of network prefixes. IP routing is performed by all hosts, as well as routers, whose main function is to transport packets across network boundaries. Routers communicate with one another via specially designed routing protocols, either interior gateway protocols or exterior gateway protocols, as needed for the topology of the network.

Source: wikipedia

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