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KES780G Digital Door Lock System

Built tough with the future in mind. If you need top-notch security that is affordable, then you can’t look past the KES780G Digital Door Lock System. With industry-leading security features such as a triple deadbolt system and an additional internal deadbolt, you can prohibit any external entry and protect anyone inside your house. Don’t put your family or your valuables at risk, let Keyless Entry Systems transform your property’s protection and your personal safety. Suitable for commercial and residential use, don’t ever worry about losing your keys or breaking your lock again with this innovative product, which is one of the most affordable and advanced in the security game.

Impressive design meets great functionality

With a host of innovative features and a design that catches the eye, the KES780G Digital Door Lock System is a great addition to any household. It sports:
  • Fingerprint unlocking (biometric)
  • Pin entry
  • Triple security bolts and an additional internal deadbolt
  • Quality mortise lock of stainless steel heavy duty construction
  • A combination unlocking option – requires both pin code & fingerprint to enter
  • Lockout after 3 attempts
  • Break-in and damage alarm
  This unique design is exclusive to KEYless Entry Systems and we are proud to offer you this exciting piece of hardware. As with other products we stock, we can arrange your device to be installed in most capital cities so you can enjoy your KES780G Digital Door Lock System sooner.

 Security you can trust

 If you want a security system that is built tough and still has all the technological advancements you need, then the KES780G Digital Door Lock System is for you. Add this hardware to your cart now and experience the difference a door lock from KEYless Entry Systems can provide. As an added benefit, talk to your insurer about how the KES780G Digital Door Lock System could lower your home and contents insurance cost! Don’t forget our 30 day money back guarantee click here for details.

Fingerprint Access Capacity

Up to 200 fingerprints per lock

Keypad Programming and Operation

LCD display with speaker voice prompt  

Stand-Alone Battery Power

  • Battery Life – 6-12 months (subscription option for batteries)
  • Battery powered with a low battery alarm to ensure you don’t get caught on the outside!
  • Emergency power interface – Ability to power the lock externally if the batteries do run out!

Entry Logging

  • Entry log – who has entered and what time
  • Transaction event capacity – 100 events


  • Triple security bolts and an additional internal deadbolt
  • Internal deadbolt de-activates ALL EXTERNAL ENTRY OPTIONS
  • Combination unlocking option – require both pin code & fingerprint to enter
  • Locking triggers – Extra strength points that makes it harder for thieves to lever the mortise out of position.
  • Wrong try lock out after 3 attempts
  • Break-in and damage alarm
  • Quality Mortise Lock of stainless steel heavy duty construction
Check out the video to see the triple deadbolt in action.

Strong Construction

Stainless steel heavy duty construction and 4 dead bolt latches.  

Versatile Application

Suitable for front doors and internal doors such as home offices, storerooms, wine cellars, guesthouses, rental properties and garages. Also ideal for commercial offices, lunchrooms, IT and computer rooms.

 Applicable Door Size

40-150mm (Thickness)

 Lock Size

340 x 78 x 29 mm


Finally for piece of mind we offer a 2 year warranty on the KES780G Digital Door Lock System. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days we offer a 30 day money back guarantee prior to fitment on the door! See our returns policy for more details. 

Things to consider when selecting your lock:-

  • Ensure you have enough room to install the mortise. To be on the safe side allow 110 mm between the edge of the door and any glass inserts
  • Check the distance between the front door and fly screen if you have one
  • Check the door thickness to ensure generally 36 mm to over 60mm is okay but if you are unsure contact us for clarification
Why buy from KEYless Entry Systems?
  • Proudly Australian owned and operated
  • Batteries included
  • Shipping included (Within Australia)
  • We ship internationally (Contact us for a quote)
  • Don’t forget our 30 day money back guarantee click here for details.
  • Phone based technical support
Contact us or add this amazing product to your cart and transform your household’s security today!  
Model KES780
Unlocking Methods Fingerprint Pin CodesSwipe Card Mechanical key
Fingerprint Capacity 200
Fingerprint Sensor Optics -500DPI
RF Card Capacity No
RF Frequency N/A
PIN Code 4 to 12 digits 1 Master code 10 user pin codes
Transaction History Capacity 100 Events
Keypad material Level Tempered Glass
LCD Display Yes
IP Rating IP54
Voice Guided Yes
Lock Dimensions Height: 340mm Width: 75mm Thickness: 29mm
Suitable Applications Home Office
Suitable Fitting Materials Wooden & Steel Doors
Lock Material Zinc Alloy   Zinc’s excellent corrosion resistance in most environments accounts for its successful use as a protective coating on a variety of products and in many exposure conditions.
Colours Silver & Gold
Operating Conditions Temperature Range: -15 to 50 Celsius Humidty:15%~90%
Door Thickness 32~150mm
Mortise Options Triple
Mortise Dimensions 90mm depth 242mm long Width 26mm
Recognition Time <0.5s
False Acceptance Rate(FAR) <0.0001%
False Recognition Rate(FRR) 0.01%
Power supply 4 x AA batteries
Back Up Power Source 9v battery
Wrong Code Entry 10 Attempts will deactivate the keypad for 5 minutes
Auto Lock Options 1.5 seconds – Always On
Opening Direction Left or right
Backset 60mm

Why Use Fingerprint Locks?

Investment properties

No need to replace the keys when the tenant moves out of simply install the locks back to factory defaults and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.

Share houses

No longer need to worry about the person who has moved out and whether they have a spare key. Either delete the user number or restore the lock back to factory default and all fingerprints, key codes, swipe cards will be erased.


We have a number of options available: –
  • Keycode or Bluetooth – Simply program the date and time the user will be arriving and departing. When they arrive they will have access to enter the premises and post the departure date they won’t be up to re-enter.
  • Z-Wave locks enable you to program a rival and departure dates via your phone or web browser. Out of the edge Gateway communicates with both the K7 and the LS – 8015


Fingerprints are unique. Eliminate the possibility of people sharing their fobs, swipe cards or pin codes. Our range of commercial locks with addition of a network controller and you can expand the capabilities!

Offices and Sensitive Areas

Banks, finance companies, and other secure offices. Fingerprints are unique can’t be lost and with the backup of pin code and swipe cards you have other options available just in case a user’s fingerprint doesn’t work. Unfortunately not all fingerprints can be read that is why our products have multiple entry options 🙂

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