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KES780S KEYless Entry Systems Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Combined with unsurpassed triple deadbolt security.

First of all never worry about loosing your keys or changing the locks ever again. The KES780S KEYless Entry Systems Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock  is the ultimate in door security providing the convenience of access using fingerprint, pin code or traditional key entry. Convenience is at your fingertips, check out this video to see how easy it really is!


KES-780S KEYless Entry Systems Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock dramatically improves door security with a triple deadbolt system and an additional internal deadbolt, when set from the inside can prohibit any external entry. The KES-780S KEYless Entry Systems Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock effortlessly combines style, convenience and more importantly security. This combination and  innovative convenience, sleek design and door security makes the KES-780S  suitable for home or commercial applications.

How is this for a list of features:- 

Access Options

  • Fingerprint (biometric)
  • Pin code
  • Traditional Key

Fingerprint Access Capacity

  • Up to 200 fingerprints per lock


Keypad Programming and Operation

  • LCD display with speaker voice prompt


KES780S KEYless Entry Systems Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock has Stand-Alone Battery Power

  • Battery Life – 6-12 months
  • Battery powered with a low battery alarm to ensure you don’t get caught on the outside!
  • Emergency power interface – Ability to power the lock externally if the batteries do run out!


KES780S KEYless Entry Systems Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock has Entry Logging

  • Entry log – who has entered and what time
  • Transaction event capacity – 100 events


KES780S KEYless Entry Systems Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock has Security

Most of all we all like to ensure our door is well secured and this lock does that:-

  • Triple security bolts and an additional internal deadbolt
  • Internal deadbolt de-activates ALL EXTERNAL ENTRY OPTIONS
  • Combination unlocking option – require both pin code & fingerprint to enter
  • Locking triggers – Extra strength points that make it harder for thieves to lever the mortise out of position.
  • Wrong try lock out after 3 attempts
  • Break-in and damage alarm
  • Quality mortise lock of stainless steel heavy duty construction

Check out the below video to see the triple deadbolts in action.

Strong Construction

Steel mortise construction in addition to the 4 dead bolt latches.


We have a preferred locksmith that fits locks Australia wide. The sight unseen approximate fitting cost of these locks is $250.00. Contact us on tel:1300 873 539 or via our online form and we can provide the details.

Please note: These locks can impact the operation of a fly screen door. You need to ensure you have a least 85mm clearance between the door and flyscreen. 


Because of their versatility these locks are suitable for the following applications:-

  • Front doors
  • Internal doors such as home offices
  • Storerooms
  • Wine cellars
  • Guesthouses
  • Rental properties
  • Garages

Also ideal for commercial applications:-

  • Offices
  • Lunchrooms
  • IT and computer rooms

Applicable Door Size

  • 40-150mm (Thickness)

Lock Size

  • 340 x 78 x 29 mm


Finally for piece of mind we offer a 2 year warranty on the KES-780 KEYless Entry Systems Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days we offer a 30 day money back guarantee prior to fitment on the door! 

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  • What is the minimum clearance required between my door and the flyscreen?

Each lock is different please check the specifications for each lock.

  • What stops anyone using their fingerprints to access my home?

Each lock is delivered with a changeable master code; this code is required to add new fingerprints.

  • Who can’t use these locks?

No one, the biometric readers are designed for all ages.

  • How easy are these locks to install?

Single mortise locks should fit into the existing space of your current lock, however please check the specifications provided. For our more heavy duty locks a locksmith is recommended.

  • How long will the lock last on a single set of batteries?

Every lock is different and designed to go into sleep mode when not in use to maximise battery life. However you should expect 6-12 months of battery life.

  • How do I know when to replace the batteries?

Every lock has a low voltage/battery alarm and for extra safety all our locks come with the added peace of mind of an external 9v battery power socket.

  • What happens when I replace the batteries?

Nothing, everything is stored in the doors internal memory.