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VeraPlus ZWAVE Gateway

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VeraEdge Z-WAVE Gateway

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R7 KEYless Smartlock Rim Lock

R7 KEYless Smart lock

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L7 Lever Digital Door Lock

L7 Lever Digital Door Lock

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Z-Wave Automation Bridge

Z-Wave Automation Bridge

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Doorbell VideoVoip Intercom(Not Available)

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K9 Thumb

K9 Push Pull Smart Lock

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Kaadas Z-Wave Door Lock Module

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S8 Lever Handle Digital Door Lock, S8 Lever Handle Smart Lock

S8 Lever Handle Digital Smart Lock

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KEYless Entry Systems simplifying Z-WAVE Home Automation. We only offer products that lives by our mantra of making life simpler.

Z-WAVE is the leading smart home technology that is inside everyday products like lights, locks, thermostats and much more.

Also these products work together to create the backbone of your smart home and enable you to use your phone or tablet to create one-touch scenes that help with daily activities like: saving energy, keeping your home secure, looking after your loved ones and being more comfortable.

The beauty of Z-Wave is that there are more brands, more styles and more products to choose from. You can truly create your smart home, your way.
The Z-Wave Door Lock: A Technological Innovation in Australia
At KEYless Entry Systems, we are the experts in cutting edge security technology in Australia and the Z-Wave door lock is no exception! Using the power of the internet, you can control access to your home remotely. Built and designed for simplicity and convenience, this lock can be controlled from your phone or tablet from any location with internet access.

With single and double mortise options, this modern door lock enables you to have total control over the security of your home. Receive notifications when your loved ones arrive home safely and be constantly aware of the safety of your house. Easy to install and set up, this door lock has a 1 year battery life and a 1 year warranty. With keypad and Z-wave app access options, the door lock also has the capacity to hold up to 20 users which can be added or removed at any time.
Our promise to you
The specialists in the security field, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will ensure your dealings with us will be positive. As professionals, highly skilled in all aspects of keyless entry systems and safety, you can be sure you will be receiving the very best products and customer service with us. Our priority is our clients and we are constantly researching to improve our product and service offerings to ensure you get the very best results.

Our wide range of innovative products mean you have a variety of choice depending on your security needs. Products include the Biometric Thumbprint Door Lock as well as digital electronic door locks which means you will never need to worry about losing a key ever again! You can read more about us by reading our FAQ page here.