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What is RFID technology and how does it work?

RFID translates to Radio-Frequency Identification. The acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna contained within a device e.g. credit cards, fob and tags.They can come in all shapes and sizes. Essentially RFID is used for authentication purposes and contains an identifier that when it comes in contact with a reader it transfers the data from the tag for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking.

What can I use RFID for?

When connected to a database with a user interface RFID can then control when and where someone can enter, they can be restricted based on their access levels for example Gym membership. Your opening hours are 6 AM to 10 PM. Outside of this time the door will not allow entry. Additionally, RFID tags can be attached to cash, clothing, and possessions, or implanted in animals and people. The uses are endless – Toll collection, animal behavioural studies, sport event timing the list goes on and on…

RFID Smart Locks

Our RFID smart locks use 2 to common frequencies Mifare(13.56 MHz) and EM (125KHz). The purpose is a little simpler, essentially you register the card on your RFID smart lock. To enter simply swipe card on the face of the RFID smart lock and in!

Did you know?

A couple of interesting facts: –
• In 2009 researchers at Bristol University successfully glued RFID micro-transponders to live ants in order to study their behaviour.
• Hitachi holds the record for the smallest RFID chip, at 0.05 mm × 0.05 mm. This is 1/64th the size of the previous record holder.

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