What is Bluetooth and how can a Bluetooth Smart lock secure your home

Bluetooth smart lock. Interestingly the name Bluetooth comes from a Danish 10th century King Harald Bluetooth. Who according to history united dissonant Danish tribes into a single nation. The link being that Bluetooth unites communication protocols into one universal standard.

As noted before Bluetooth is a wireless technology and was invented by Ericsson Mobile in Lund, Sweden by  Jaap Haartsen. The original purpose was to develop wireless headsets. Ironically as I sit here writing this I am listening to my favourite music via a Bluetooth speaker!

Smart locks are driven by an electromechanical lock, which locks and unlocks a door when an instruction is received from an authorised device. The device in this case is a smart phone acting as the master using a wireless Bluetooth protocol, it sends a message to the Smart lock (slave).

Smart locks act the same way as a traditional lock. Both need a lock and key in the case of a Smart lock the key is not a physical key but your smart phone via wireless authentication, this will automatically activate the unlocking mechanism.

Obviously some of the advantages include;

  • Ability to receive notification when someone accesses the lock
  • Audit trail of who has access the lock and what date and time
  • Option of short-term/one-off access e.g. family member who turns up unexpectedly

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