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Bluetooth Door Locks

Protect your assets at home and/or office from intruders with our advanced and smart Bluetooth door locks. Driven by an electromechanical lock, it locks and unlocks a door after receiving instruction from an authorised device.

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Choose Smart Locks for Enhanced Security

An Intelligent Solution Towards Upgrading the Security for Your Home or Office


Smart door locks have been on the market for a long time by now. Providing security & convenience, smart locks act the same way as any other traditional lock in your home and office. Both need a lock and key in the case of a Smart lock the key is not a physical key but your smartphone via wireless authentication, this will automatically activate the unlocking mechanism.

Some Common Features:

  • Advanced design
  • Latest locking mechanisms
  • Bluetooth/fingerprint/RFID technology
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Remotely accessible
  • Real time communication
  • Warranty & money back guarantee

Obviously, some of the advantages include;

  • Ability to receive notifications when someone accesses the lock
  • Audit trail of who has access the lock and on what date and time
  • Option of short-term/one-off access e.g. family member who turns up unexpectedly

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How Does a Bluetooth Door Lock Secure Your home?

All you need is a compatible and Wi-Fi connected smartphone which uses wireless Bluetooth protocol to send the required message to welcome your family or friends.

If you are occupied at work or can’t access the door physically, just activate the Bluetooth door lock in few easy steps and let the person in.

One of the most advanced Bluetooth door locks in Australia is the UL110 Bluetooth Door Lock which is powered by latest technology for a very affordable price. With a range of state-of-the-art features and smooth functions, the locks are easy to operate, maintain and offer sustainable performance.

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It’s time to get smarter

No longer banging your head after losing the door keys when you can buy a safe, secure and smart lock that can make your life easy!

There is plenty of variety in colors, sizes and designs for you to find the perfect smart look. Browse our collection of the latest affordable smart locks that come with great features & assurance to protect you and your family.

Reinstate Complete Peace of Mind with The All New Smart Locks

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