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Keyless Entry System Products

What we look for in a product at Keyless Entry System.

At KEYless Entry System obviously never worrying about losing your keys again and our mantra #makelifeeasierthinkkeyless is top of the list! We believe you should never worry about losing your keys again.

KEYless Entry System Convenience

Ease of entry. We ensure that walking out of the house without your keys are a thing of the past. We have your entry options covered:-
  • from biometric fingerprint scanning,
  • ID pin code,
  • z-wave
  • optional RF ID cards
  • and of course a physical key that could be left at an alternative address if  ever required.

Peace of mind

What happens now if you lose your keys? In most cases one of your loved ones will have a spare key but what happens if they are not around? With our biometric lock range you always have more than one entry option. A battery backup to always ensure if you miss the low battery warning your lock is still operational.


We are constantly looking for Keyless Entry Systems that will move as technology becomes more advanced. Our z–wave products are an emerging technology and we will be adding more z- wave products as the technology continues to advance.


At Keyless Entry System our locks are built for our climate handling scorching 45° days and high humidity. Where I live in Western Sydney we recently had a 45 degree day. My house faces west and the fingerprint lock was very hot when I placed my fingerprint on the scanner but it scanned first time. You can expect many years of reliable service from our products.


Unlike keys fingerprints are unique so there is never a concern that they can be forged. Also our biometric fingerprint scanners will only scan live tissue. Coupled with single, double, triple mortise options our Keyless Entry System range has got you covered. Just check out this video to see the triple deadbolt in action.

We don’t offer a product and unless we would use it ourselves and all the above are what we look for in a home automation product. We believe you will benefit from our strict guidelines. If you have any queries about our products please don’t hesitate to reach out me @ Remember as always #makelifeeasier thenk KEYless!

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