Suppliers of digital door locks in Australia explain the security benefits of adding keyless entry locks to your Smart Home


Here at Keyless Entry Systems, our suppliers of digital door locks in Australia explain that whilst home automation is not a new concept, it continues to advance rapidly with homes becoming smarter than ever before.

Home automation is designed to simplify modern home life, by allowing you to control your home by simply using your voice, or via computer or smart phone. This means that you can control electronic devices such as your lights, air-conditioning and entertainment systems as you come and go, with simply a push of a button.

Not only does automating your home make life easier, more importantly it will offer you much greater control over your security, especially when combined with smart access control devices such as digital door locks in Australia.

By installing biometric or digital door locks to your Smart Home, your home security will be enhanced as you will be able to:

  • Unlock your door remotely – Digital door locks give you the power to manage your security remotely. All you require is an internet connection to unlock your door with your phone or tablet.


  • Reduce the chance of stolen or lost keys – Physical keys pose a significant security risk if they are lost or stolen. Digital door locks and fingerprint door locks do not require a key to open.


  • Allow access to visitors There is no need to leave a spare key under the mat again. Give family members and those you trust their own passcode or simply add their fingerprint in for permanent access.


  • Update access permissions – Digital door locks allow you to change codes and add or delete individual permissions with ease.


  • Automatically lock your doors – By installing a digital door lock in Australia, you can be assured that your door will lock automatically when closed, keeping your home safe from intruders at all times.

Here at Keyless Entry Systems, all of our digital door locks in Australia combine the latest security technology with simple user functions. Get peace of mind today with the best range of quality keyless entry door locks in Australia.

Suppliers of digital door locks in Australia explain why 2019 is the year to throw away your keys


As this year comes to an end, our suppliers of digital door locks in Australia say that it’s the perfect time to start thinking about upgrading your home security into the new year, so you can throw away your keys forever!

Biometric fingerprint door locks are technologically advanced locks which can be installed across all entry points to your home, replacing traditional locks completely. This distinctive method of security offers many advantages to you as a homeowner.

Here Keyless Entry Systems outline just some of the benefits of installing our biometric fingerprint door locks in 2019:

1. Throw away those keys: Once installed, your digital door locks will ensure you never need to need to search for those pesky keys again. All you need is your fingerprint!

2. Control who has access to your home: The best fingerprint door locks in Australia can be programmed for multiple users. This means that you can program your digital door locks to recognise the fingerprints of trusted family and friends.

3. No need to manually lock your doors: Biometric fingerprint door locks lock automatically when closed. No longer will you need to worry if you left your door unlocked. Also, digital door locks require a fingerprint scan to re-opened.

4. Easy to operate: Not only is the fingerprint programming of biometric door locks in Australia a straight forward process, you will be able to enter the home quickly and without dropping those bags of groceries, simply by scanning your fingerprint.

5. Easy installation and integration:Fingerprint door lock systems can be easily integrated and quickly installed into almost any type of door.

As our experts in digital doors locks in Australia explain, these are just some of the many benefits of installing digital door locks.

Free yourself from keys in 2019, and get in touch with our experts in digital door locks Australia!

Suppliers of the best digital door locks in Australia with home security tips for the upcoming holiday season


Here at Keyless Entry Systems, our experts in digital door locks in Australia explain that just like you, we are also excited for the holiday season. However, when it comes to home security, you could be at risk of intruders, while you are off enjoying your well-deserved break.

When it comes to any kind of holiday period around the world, thieves are more likely than ever to see these times as an opportunity to raid an empty home. In 2017 there were close to 250,000 homes involved in a burglary, which is one break in, every three minutes.

Keeping these alarming figures in mind, it’s vital to ensure your home is adequately prepared over the holiday break, in case an opportunistic intruder comes calling when you aren’t there.

Here our experts in digital door locks in Australia, share some home security tips for the upcoming holiday season:

Know your neighbours: Make friends with your neighbours or people who live nearby. This can be enormously helpful for the times you decide to get out of town. They can water your plants, feed your cat or pick up the mail so letters aren’t falling out of the mailbox. You can do the same for them when they are away. It’s always helpful having someone to keep an eye on things, especially when you are away.

Tidy your property: It is especially important to keep a clear line of sight from the street to your home. Remove any overgrown shrubs or bushes that could conceal an intruder trying to enter your home. Avoid having anything lying around that would allow a thief to climb onto the roof or up to a higher window, such as a ladder.

Make it look as though you are home: Consider adding Smart Home Automation products like ZWave to set “scenes” to automatically turn your lights and TV on and off automatically. Alternatively use smart globes that can be turned on and off remotely by an app on your phone. Also set timers for TV’s to come on randomly.

Check your security systems: With holidays coming up, now is the best time to update your home security. Take those basic security measures, such as checking the locking ability of your windows and doors, then replacing or fixing any faulty or broken locks. Take the opportunity to look at installing a wireless camera along with new keyless entry digital door locks which can be operated through your smart phone. 

Here at Keyless Entry Systems, we are suppliers and installers of quality digital door locks in Australia. Find out more about smart locks here:

Suppliers of digital door locks in Australia explain why keyless entry door locks offer greater home security for your family


Here at Keyless Entry Systems, our experts in smart door locks in Australia explain that smart door locks are growing in popularity and it’s no wonder why.

Completely transforming home security for countless people all over the world, smart door locks offer a myriad of benefits, keeping your home safe and most importantly protecting those you love with the advantage of a keyless entry system.

Here at Keyless Entry Systems Australia, like you, we know that keys can be so easily forgotten or lost. No matter where you are, keyless entry systems offer you peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are always able to access your home with a simple fingerprint or passcode.

With ease of access, comes huge safety advantages, as any of your family members are able to access your home quickly and efficiently.

If they do not have permission to access your home, a quick call to you for the access code, will get them in with no hassle. This also completely eliminates the need for a spare key to be left outside the home, allowing loved ones to easily access your home in case of a lost key or in an emergency.

Keyless and digital door locks in Australia provide a higher level of security, helping to control the front door of your house when you are at home. Conventional door locks can be easily opened and overall, this can make your house or residential place vulnerable to security threats. Another wonderful advantage of biometric door locks in Australia, is that they engage as soon as the door is closed, so this way there is no chance of any member of your family accidentally leaving the door unlocked, taking away any open invitation for burglars.

Biometric door locks in Australia are certainly the intelligent choice for your front door, protecting your family with a higher level of security, for your peace of mind.

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Suppliers of the best keyless door locks in Australia explain why you no longer need keys


Designed to give homeowners more control over the security of their homes, the best keyless door locks in Australia utilise a digital set of keys to grant access. If you invest in quality keyless door locks, there’s no need to carry around a house key.

So how do they work? Just as keyless car remotes operate, home and business keyless entry systems have similar mechanisms. Once installed, keyless door locks allow access via code entry into a keypad, access card scan, smartphone app or fingerprint scan.

As installers of the best fingerprint door locks in Australia, the Keyless Entry Systems team explain that smart door locks are fast becoming a big trend for many residential and commercial properties. Home and business owners alike are coming to realise the higher level of security, function and convenience that smart door locks in Australia can offer.

Add ease to your lifestyle, that of your family, friends and employees, granting anyone you trust with simple access to your home or business. All you need to do is programme individual details, whether a pin code or fingerprint and voila, instant access!  This is especially beneficial for parents of children, providing peace of mind in knowing that children can always access the home quickly and securely.

Security is a high priority for us all. By eliminating the need for a key, you therefore take away the risk of a missing or spare key getting into the wrong hands. Further to this, these locks are designed to be pick-proof, which reduces the risk of unwanted guests entering your home.

Another wonderful way that smart door locks in Australia can save time and improve security is their ability to be linked to your smartphone. Through a simple to use smartphone app, you can even grant access to anyone waiting at your door, unlocking and then locking the door from wherever you are at the click of a button! How’s that for convenient security!

Find out more about the security benefits of the best keyless door locks in Australia and secure your home today with Keyless Entry Systems.