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Installation Checklist

Check if there are there any glass inserts or indentations in your existing door

Why is this important?

Check the depth of the mortise/deadbolt on the lock you’re purchasing.


Check that door has a solid core

Why is this important?

Mortise style can only be installed on solid core doors. Note: Many internal doors are hollow core, for example a door from your garage straight into your home is usually an internal door.

Check if you need a Left-hand or Right-hand door handle

While standing on the outside of your door, check the way your current handle points and what side of the door the hinges are on. These factors are important when deciding which Keyless Lock option to select.


Check if you are in a fire rated apartment/unit building

Why is this important?

Check the door lock requirements with your Strata Manager or body corporate if unsure to ensure that your selected Keyless Lock is compliant with your building’s regulations. A good indicator that your building requires fire rated door locks is having a metal frame and or rubber between your door and the frame? This indicates airtight door to starve a fire of oxygen and prevent the fire spreading quickly. You can also refer the Master locksmiths fire rating check list here.

What is a mortise?

Essentially your mortise is what keeps the bad guys out. It generally has a latch and deadbolt/s that keeps the door locked or shut.


Check the back set of your current lock

Why is this important?

Measure the distance from the edge of the door to the middle of your current lock. Check the tech specs of your selected Keyless lock to see that it matches.


Do you have a Screen Door

Why is this important?

What is the gap between your door on the fly screen ? Check the tech specs of your Keyless lock to confirm that the lock will not be impeded by your screen door.

Check your current door thickness

Why is this important?

Keyless door locks are suitable for doors from 30mm to 90mm thick, but each lock is different. Check the tech specs of your lock to see if the lock is suitable for the thickness of your door.

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