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Humble Door Lock to Smart Locks

Evolution of the humble door lock into Smart Locks

We have come a long way from the humble door lock. Linus Yale invented the pin tumbler lock in 1848. His son improved on his design by using a smaller, flatter key that had serrated edges. His sons design forms the basis of modern locks. Today we have smart locks that can be opened with; Biometric locks look for biological characteristics, for example a fingerprint that can be automatically referenced and validated from a database of fingerprints.

Biometric lock keyless entry systems UL 880 MED KEYless Entry Systems KES800G Smart lock

Z-wave & Zigbee are wireless technologies and form the backbone of your smart home, enabling you to use your smart phone or tablet to create one touch scenes that help with daily activities.

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vera wdge z-wave gateway

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Bluetooth door Lock UL110

Bluetooth is also a wireless technology but is used for exchanging data over short distances.  Smart phones are becoming the centre of our universe and generally by downloading an app you can use the technologies listed above. Today we will look at the Smart lock and in particular Bluetooth technology.

What is Bluetooth and how can Smart locks secure your home

Interestingly the name Bluetooth comes from a Danish 10th century King Harald Bluetooth. Who according to history united dissonant Danish tribes into a single nation, the link being that Bluetooth unites communication protocols into one universal standard. As noted before Bluetooth is a wireless technology and was invented by Ericsson Mobile in Lund, Sweden by Johann Ullman. The original purpose was to develop wireless headsets, ironically as I sit here writing this I am listening to my favourite music via a Bluetooth speaker! The master Bluetooth device can communicate with a maximum of 7 devices (slaves) in a network using Bluetooth technology. Smart locks are driven by an electromechanical lock which locks and unlocks a door when an instruction is received from an authorised device. The device in this case is a smart phone acting as the master using a wireless Bluetooth protocol sends a message to the Smart lock (slave). Smart lockact the same way will the is a traditional locks both need a lock and key in the case of a Smart lock the key is not a physical key but your smart phone or RFID tag which via wireless authentication will automatically activate the unlocking mechanism. Obviously sum of the advantages include;
  • ability to receive notification when someone accesses the lock
  • audit trail of who has access the lock and what date and time
  • option of short-term/one-off access e.g. family member who turns up unexpectedly

Why use a Smart locks?

We find this an easy question to answer. If you have a traditional key and lock currently you have one option and that is simply the humble key. If you lose that key or forget to take them with you have to hope that someone has a spare. With a Smart lock your mechanical key is only one of the few options;
    • Smart phone
    • RFID tag
    • Easy to install

On top of that you now have the option of seeing who and when comes into your home. Of course as mentioned before you can provide temporary access if the requirement arises. Why Choose KEYless Entry Systems? We are a family owned business that thrives in knowing that every product we offer has been tested in our own homes before we offer them the sale to you. At KEYless entry system we guarantee that our products will #makelifeeasierthinkkeyless. Finally if you have a question regarding our products on our website please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone 1300 873 539 or our contact page. Regards, The KEYless Entry Systems Team

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