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Fingerprint Scanning Tips

Fingerprint Scanning | Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock | Digital Door Lock

Tips for fingerprint scanning. We like to pride ourselves on having some of the best quality fingerprint scanners in the market on our biometric fingerprint door lock range. But a big part of a successful scan is the placement when scanning your finger on your digital door lock. If you place and scan a part of your finger on the fingerprint scanner that you didn’t when you enrolled the fingerprint initially then quite rightly the scanner is going to reject your fingerprint scan.

Other things to consider are:-

  • Having wet hands
  • Scratched or damaged fingertips
  • Band-aids or casts etc
However it’s much easier to demonstrate fingerprint scanning with the actual fingerprint scanner on one of digital door locks. Check out our first video blog for tips on scanning your finger on one of the KEYless Entry Range the M9 Mini Smart Lock

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