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Suppliers of the best fingerprint door locks in Australia share 10 interesting fingerprint facts

Here at Keyless Entry Systems, suppliers of fingerprint door lock systems in Australia, we just love the convenience and security benefits of Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks.Those tiny ridges, whirls and valley patterns on the tip of each of your fingers can be your home’s best friend, when it comes to

The experts in keyless entry systems in Australia explain benefits of home automation with the VeraPlus ZWAVE Gateway

Designed to become the brain of your home, you’ll be able to control your home with ease with the VeraPlus ZWAVE Gateway. Our experts in biometric door locks explain that this device will enable you to control your locks, thermostats, cameras and sensors from one easy to use app. As

Suppliers of the best fingerprint door locks in Australia share tips to keep your home safe from burglars

Our home is the place where we tend to feel the most secure and happy, that is until someone breaks in. Did you know that 20.3% of Aussie homes have been burgled at some point? Those are quite alarming statistics. But there is a range of measures that you can

Biometric Home Security

What is Biometric Home Security Biometric Home Security sounds technical but really is a lot easier than you think. As discussed previously on the site biometrics relates to authentication techniques and looks for biological characteristics there are different forms and the below are but a few: DNA matching (chemical biometrics)

Fingerprint Door Lock Equals Convenience

Why do we think Biometric/Fingerprint Lock Equals Convenience. For me Biometric/Fingerprint Door Lock Equals Convenience! In 2013 I was unfortunate enough to have been involved in a serious motorbike accident. The aftermath of that accident is I have very limited use of my right arm. So for me convenience as

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