Suppliers of the best fingerprint door locks in Australia share 10 interesting fingerprint facts


Here at Keyless Entry Systems, suppliers of fingerprint door lock systems in Australia, we just love the convenience and security benefits of Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks.

Those tiny ridges, whirls and valley patterns on the tip of each of your fingers can be your home’s best friend, when it comes to security. With your fingerprints being as individual as you are, we thought you may like to know a little bit more about fingerprints.

Here our experts in keyless front door locks in Australia share ten really interesting fingerprint facts:

  • Fingerprints are created before birth, formed from the pressure on a baby’s hands as they develop in the womb.
  • Your fingerprints are unique. No two people have been found to have exactly the same prints.
  • Loops are the most common fingerprint pattern.
  • The world’s oldest discovered fingerprint was found on a piece of a clay pot dating around 2300BC.
  • Identical twins are indistinguishable via DNA testing cannot tell identical twins apart, but fingerprints can.
  • Adermatoglyphia is the name given to a very rare disease where people are born without fingerprints.
  • As far as scientists know, only a few animals have unique fingerprints, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, and koalas.
  • Your fingerprints are durable, making them very helpful for body identification.
  • The first fingerprint files were created in 1891 by Juan Vucetich, an Argentine Police Official.
  • Fingerprint pattern types are often genetically inherited, but the individual details that make a fingerprintunique are not. 

Here at Keyless Entry Systems, we are excited about the future of biometrics. Get ready to forget your keys and increase home security, with the best range of quality keyless entry door locks in Australia.

Fingerprint Scanning Tips

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Fingerprint Scanning | Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock | Digital Door Lock

Tips for fingerprint scanning. We like to pride ourselves on having some of the best quality fingerprint scanners in the market on our biometric fingerprint door lock range. But a big part of a successful scan is the placement when scanning your finger on your digital door lock. If you place and scan a part of your finger on the fingerprint scanner that you didn’t when you enrolled the fingerprint initially then quite rightly the scanner is going to reject your fingerprint scan.

Other things to consider are:-

  • Having wet hands
  • Scratched or damaged fingertips
  • Band-aids or casts etc

However it’s much easier to demonstrate fingerprint scanning with the actual fingerprint scanner on one of digital door locks. Check out our first video blog for tips on scanning your finger on one of the KEYless Entry Range the M9 Mini Smart Lock

The experts in keyless entry systems in Australia explain benefits of home automation with the VeraPlus ZWAVE Gateway

Designed to become the brain of your home, you’ll be able to control your home with ease with the VeraPlus ZWAVE Gateway. Our experts in biometric door locks explain that this device will enable you to control your locks, thermostats, cameras and sensors from one easy to use app.

As an excellent introduction into home automation, the VeraPlus ZWAVE Gateway is home automation at its simplest.

Here our experts in keyless door locks Australia share just some of the benefits:

–       Control your products and appliances from within your home as well as anywhere in the world that you have internet access.
–       Easy to synchronise with thousands of home devices, from hundreds of brands that you already use and trust.
–       Build a security system by adding door locks, door/window sensors, motion sensors, wireless video cameras and alarms.
–       Offering total peace of mind, you can keep your home secure, anywhere and anytime. Whether you are on holidays or simply at work.
–       Get a notification the second something isn’t right at home such as motion that may be detected when nobody should be there.
–       Lock doors and turn off lights with a single touch.
–       Save energy by setting your air-conditioning appliances to automatically heat or cool your house to the perfect temperature for your arrival home.
–       Know when your children are safely home from school.
–       Interact with your pets while you’re away.
–       Remotely manage a vacation home.
–       Record video and view home security cameras whenever motion is detected.
–       Avoid expensive monthly fees.
–       All VeraPlus ZWAVE Gateway hubs come with a 30-day money back guarantee. 
–       Set up a home safety monitoring system with smoke detectors.
–       Make your life more convenient by connecting garage door openers, light switches, and lawn sprinklers that operate automatically.

Here at Keyless Entry Systems, we offer a comprehensive range of electronic door locks in Australia. Find about more about the benefits and features of the VeraPlus ZWAVE Gateway.

Suppliers of the best fingerprint door locks in Australia share tips to keep your home safe from burglars

Our home is the place where we tend to feel the most secure and happy, that is until someone breaks in. Did you know that 20.3% of Aussie homes have been burgled at some point? Those are quite alarming statistics. But there is a range of measures that you can take to ward off burglars and improve your home safety. Here our experts in keyless entry systems share 5 tips to help you secure your home:

Secure your doors: Keep a close eye on the functionality of your doors and locks. Ensure locks are secured and hinges include 3-inch screws. If you have older locks it may be time to replace them with locks to include anti-saw pins and hardened steel casing, or a more advanced entry system such as a digital door lock.

Secure windows and all sliding glass: Many break-ins occur when a burglar simply slides open a window or glass door that has been left open. Give your glass windows and sliding glass doors extra security by installing stops to prevent them from being opened more than 6 inches, if you aren’t home. Locks should also be placed on all of these areas for added security.

Befriend your neighbours: When it comes to protecting your home from burglary, it can be invaluable to have someone keeping an eye out for you. Tell your neighbours when you are going away so that they might collect your mail or put your bins out, helping to avoid those tell-tale signs of your absence.

Keep your outdoor areas tidy: Avoid leaving anything such as garden tools or ladders sitting around the yard. Also ensure tree limbs are not too close to the roof as these can be climbed for second story access. A yard full of clutter can also help a thief get into your house. For instance, if you leave a ladder in plain sight, it can be used to access the roof or a second story window that may not be locked. Tree limbs that are close to the roof can be used to climb up to the roof as well. It’s also wise to trim your hedges so that there are no hiding places for would be thieves.

Embrace Technology: It’s a fact that thieves avoid homes with cameras and hi-tech security systems. Cameras can be installed both inside and outside your home and at the touch of your phone, you can monitor your home 24/7. Keyless entry systems are also an excellent investment, providing you with a higher level of security as your doors lock automatically without a key and there is no need to leave a spare outside your home.

Here at Keyless Entry Systems, our range of smart door locks and biometric fingerprint door locks in Australia will assist you in protecting your home or business around the clock. Contact us to find out more about our fingerprint door locks in Australia.

Biometric Home Security

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What is Biometric Home Security

Biometric Home Security sounds technical but really is a lot easier than you think. As discussed previously on the site biometrics relates to authentication techniques and looks for biological characteristics there are different forms and the below are but a few:
  • DNA matching (chemical biometrics)
  • Facial recognition
  • Eyes or iris recognition
  • More commonly fingerprints
DNA – uses segments of DNA to identify a person or individual. Face recognition – analyses your facial features of an individual. We see this commonly now in airports used by government custom agencies. The use of the eyes to authenticate users the features in the iris. Fingerprint recognition uses the ridges and valleys found on your fingertips. All of these processes users a database of these features to compare against for the authentication or recognition of an individual. If a match is found a criminal is caught, you proceed through customs or you gain access to your home effortlessly.  Keyless Entry Systems, Biometric Home Security

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