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Biometric Home Security

What is Biometric Home Security

Biometric Home Security sounds technical but really is a lot easier than you think. As discussed previously on the site biometrics relates to authentication techniques and looks for biological characteristics there are different forms and the below are but a few:
  • DNA matching (chemical biometrics)
  • Facial recognition
  • Eyes or iris recognition
  • More commonly fingerprints
DNA – uses segments of DNA to identify a person or individual. Face recognition – analyses your facial features of an individual. We see this commonly now in airports used by government custom agencies. The use of the eyes to authenticate users the features in the iris. Fingerprint recognition uses the ridges and valleys found on your fingertips. All of these processes users a database of these features to compare against for the authentication or recognition of an individual. If a match is found a criminal is caught, you proceed through customs or you gain access to your home effortlessly. keyless entry systems hand The most common form of Biometrics Home Security is the fingerprint lock. These locks come in all shapes and sizes and perform the same function as your traditional lock just more conveniently!

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Biometric Home Security Sounds Expensive

Whilst it sounds expensive biometric home security is surprisingly affordable. For example our KES880G incorporates a mountain of features including:
  • fingerprint recognition
  • keypad
  • traditional key
  • triple deadlock
  • internal deadbolt
  • external power source
Using your thumbprint to effortlessly identify and verify who you are to gain access to your home is extremely convenient. The keypad adds an extra layer of flexibility and convenience so for example you are unfortunate enough to injure your finger and have a Band-Aid on your scanning finger. It makes it hard to scan a fingerprint with a Band-Aid. The best way to get around this is to set up multiple fingers on multiple hands when setting up your lock. Traditional key is the icing on the cake if all else fails you have a fail safe. Of course security is paramount when incorporating biometrics into your home security with triple deadbolts and an internal deadbolt to disable the lock from the outside what more do you need. And what happens if you miss the low battery alarm and the batteries run out? No problems, there’s the emergency power interface, this gives you the ability to power the lock externally if the batteries do run out!

Why use Biometric Home Security?

One word convenience! I’ve been using a biometric fingerprint door lock as the main security feature on my front doors for years. It sounds strange but there is a freedom to not having to worry about where your keys are and how you are going to get into your home. Anytime day or night! What about the teenager who arrives home KEYless in the middle of the night! No longer do they have to wake the whole house to gain access.

Can my Children Use this Technology?

Yes they can!  The important thing when your fingerprint is scanned is the placement of your finger. The finger needs to be placed on the scanner in the same place consistently each time. So there is no need to turn entrust keys to children. Think of all those scenarios where it would have been more convenient if your child could access the home effortlessly for example you’re heading out you’ve left something on the coffee table or your child is walking ahead of you on the way home from school, they simply scan the fingerprint to get into the home. So what are you waiting for call us now on 1 300 873 539 or visit the products page. Regards, The KEYless Entry Systems Team #makelifeeasierthinkKEYless

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