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Why KEYless Entry Systems? The answer is why not? Biometric Fingerprint Locks attracted us because we just love the convenience of KEYless Entry! There is nothing like the freedom of not worrying about remembering the keys when you leave or arrive home day or night!  Just walk up to your door and place your finger on the scanner. We’re based in Western Sydney but we service Australia wide. We have over 30 years’ experience in the IT and electronics business and KEYless Entry is in our DNA. Our main focus is on home automation with an emphasis on KEYless door entry. We are very selective with the brands that we sell to ensure that they are of the highest quality. We test each product individually to ensure they do as we say they do. We also back our products with a 30 day (prior to fitment to your door) no questions asked returns policy to give you the confidence that if you buy from us and you’re not happy with your purchase you can return it…..But we know you’ll love it!


Innovation is what drives us to continually improve our product range and our service offering. If you have any projects that you are keen to undertake but can’t find a provider anywhere on the web please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 873 539.

We’re here to help

We love the concept of KEYless Entry, and Biometric fingerprint locks in particular, because they make life simple. So it makes sense that shopping with us should be simple too! Use our chat tool to talk to our team and we will answer all your questions and talk you through the options to make sure you get the system that suits you or your business best. If we’re not immediately available when you call or email, we’ll get back to you within the hour. Or, if you contact us outside business hours, we’ll get back to you just as soon as possible. You’ll also receive installation instructions with your order and access to an online, easy to follow, instruction video if available.

Shop at home for Biometric Fingerprint locks but get in store service

While Keyless Entry Systems is an online store, with our high level of customer service you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a shop and had a chat to the owner. We promise to cater to your needs, not the other way round. All Keyless Entry Systems products are tried and tested and live up to our philosophy of being innovative, stylish and easy to use.

The journey continues

One of the best things about biometric fingerprint, locks is that the industry and the market is only just beginning to grasp all the possibilities. Our team is excited about the future of biometrics. At KEYless Entry Systems we continue to scour the world for the best quality products at the best available price. We’re also keeping up to date with new advances in technology and functions. So watch this space and the KEYless Entry Systems blog! If you have any questions give us a call on 1300 873 539 or email Robert.

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