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  • Multiple unlocking options for peace of mind

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Best Electronic Door Locks in Australia

Keyless entry – simple and secure

Biometric KEYless entry systems keep it simple. With our innovative range of biometric locks and their simplicity of use. As you can probably tell by our name – KEYless Entry Systems, we have the most simplistic approach to security in Australia. Of course, the technology behind our innovative range of biometric, digital door, ZWave or fingerprint locks is anything but simple. The simplicity comes in their use. You’ll find our locks quick to set or reset and easy to use. With the unlocking options, you have personal pin code, RFID Swipe card, Bluetooth, scan your fingerprint or IoT ready door locks. Some of our locks let you add an extra layer of security by setting the default to scan and pin code. Something only you know and something only you have. By letting you say goodbye to keys, our smart door locks also help streamline your routine and your pockets. It’s KEYless it’s simple.

Feel Free to call us today on 1300 873 539 to get answers to all your queries. We are always happy to help you choose the digital lock you need.

“In over 140 years of fingerprint comparison worldwide, no two fingerprints have ever been found to be alike. This includes identical twins!”

Flexible and convenient Fingerprint Locks

If the number and fingerprint combination doesn’t suit your needs, our fingerprint locks come with a range of other entry options. You can go for a keypad door entry, it includes using the number pad alone, a swipe card, Bluetooth, ZWave(IoT),  mobile phone or a smartphone app. And, while we can almost guarantee you’ll never use it, all our locks also come with a key. What’s more, unexpected visitors, friends and family can receive access instructions over the phone. On some locks, temporary access can also be given to tradespeople or you can unlock the door with a phone app.

Keyless entry is safe as houses

All KEYless Entry Systems locks have the option of single, double or triple deadlocks and an internal deadbolt. Our robust fingerprint locks are the best on the market. With Swedish designed fingerprint sensors, they combine the latest security technology with simple user functions. We work with a range of suppliers and only stock the fingerprint & digital door locks that offer the best security and value for money. Learn more about the technology behind biometrics here.

Keyless Entry Solutions

“In over 140 years of fingerprint comparison worldwide, no two fingerprints have ever been found to be alike. This includes identical twins!”
smart door lock

Simple and Secure

KEYless entry systems keep it simple. With our innovative range of biometric locks and their simplicity of use.

Flexible and Convenient

Flexible and Convenient

With so many different entry options in our range you'll never have to worry about keys again.

Safe as Houses

Safe as Houses

Not only are our locks convenient and simple to use they are secure.


"We have had the K7 installed for 6 months and have to say we LOVE it. My whole family including my kids love using it. We use either fingerprint or keypad and when my dad visits he uses the swipe card. Thank you guys for all your help in choosing the right lock for us. happy to recommend you guys to all our friends."



"I bought and using the K7 more than a months ago. So far it works perfekt. Life is so easy without key. Fingerprint cards and code works perfectly. The phone application needs a bit polishing. I did an extensive research before the buying as I have seen many other similar product in the real life. This product is relative new so I could not try it before purchasing. The shop is excellent highly recommend just like the product."



"The installation went perfectly fine and I’m 110% happy with my keyless entry door. It looks, feels and works amazing."



"Got this lock with the z-wave module and cannot be happier with it. Installed it myself and was very impressed that it could be configured to work with any type of door opening (in/out, left/right). After a lot of drilling and chiseling the lock was installed in the door and setup was a breeze. Had a minor issue with the outside handle, but Rob was amazingly helpful and we got it sorted out. I am currently having an issue with my Vera Edge controller not reliably detecting the correct lock state, but again Rob is very helpful and is assisting me to sort this out. All up I am very happy with Keyless Entry Systems and the family loves the new lock. As I see it, unless there is a terrible accident where everyone in the household lose our fingers and get amnesia there is no way we can ever be locked out again. This lock is so easy to use, even my 6 year old daughter can now unlock the door, so no more”politely” asking her to get out of the way when she is the first one to the door."



"I first had another lock that I had installed professionally, and when we could not get it to work with the problem being diagnosed as a rare software fault, a replacement K7 was chosen and installed professionally. Setup was a breeze, and now I have an excellent keyless entry system. I chose the z-wave module and that just brings the front door into line with the rest of my smart home. What I want to impress upon readers is the customer service. It just never stops. Before the sale, during the sale, and most importantly post or after sales service. I am 60, so I have been around for a while and I can not remember better customer service – anywhere. Well done Rob Waterhouse and KEYless Entry Systems."

"Gail Ellis"


"Great service from Rob. Helped make a tough decision on a lock type that would suit a complex job we are undertaking."

"Ed M."


"Fantastic, value for money entry system. So happy we’ve decided to purchase a second one."



"Just want to say a big Thank You.. your service was amazing and the K7 KEYless Entry System is fabulous!!"



"Excellent service."



"I’ve had this lock for about 3months now. I found it was best to call a lock smith to install this as i didn’t want to damage my door since it is a bit more complex then i expected. Overall this is a great unit. Pin number, Smart card, guest keys all work great. The finger print can be a bit hit and miss but as per instructions its best to put in the same finger multiple times at different angles for high accuracy and chance of unlocking on the first go. Keyless Entry offered great support and the unit was easy to configure."


An easier way to get into the office

As you can imagine, Keyless Entry Systems are perfect for workplaces, big and small. How many times has a member of your staff forgotten or misplaced their swipe card? With a Keyless Entry Solutions lock, your employees always have what they need to get into the building and get to work. Whats more, the fingerprint/pin code capacity of our locks in most cases exceeds 100 and adding and removing users takes less than a minute.

Fingerprint locks are perfect for:

Easy access for multiple staff.

Front and rear doors, office and wine cellar locks.

A safe and secure option.

Your members will love the convenience.

You can keep track of who enters, and when.

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